AP State Police Weekly

Till 30th August

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1) Remand prisoner hospitalised with injuries
For rich people AP Police use “lie detector” and for poor people it use “electric power”. It is shameful to show the discrimination. And there is no difference between terrorist organization and AP Police. A government system should work in favour of poor than discriminating them and applying brutal methods.

2) SI, head constable nabbed
Once again, police has been found taking bribe. This is police’s everyday business.

3) Dube, Lincoln suspended
There is delay in acting. This is eyewash activity and favourizm. They should be terminated from service.


Murali case: Cops yet to quiz Dube

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Times of India article:Murali case: Cops yet to quiz Dube

Investigation officer is clearly showing favoritism to police and trying to win heart of Dube. Without recording the statement, how can he say. Since victims wife is clearly suspecting the Dube and his family, is it not Dube and his family are prime suspects?
Why they are being spared from investigation, is law and order different for police?

DGP breaks rule – A servant thinking as boss!

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DC article:DGP flouts lobby rules
Assembly is highest place of democracy, not showing respect is crime. By crime doer is not arrested? DGP heads police force and expected to be role model police in AP. By breaking the rules, he is giving true picture of police behavior and state of denial to follow any kind of law. police really thinking they are NOT bound any rules, this is like servant thinking as boss. They should not forget, they are public servants.

Till Aug 19th 2009

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1) Ponnur SI Arrest (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/news/city/hyderabad/Ponnur-SI-arrested-amidst-high-drama/articleshow/4908160.cms)
In this incident, SI has not followed law and order and did not surrender himself (made available for the arrest). He has been hiding. His hide is only exhibits he has no faith in law & order in AP. He went on to threaten Razia about consequences through others. This is one more offense.

2) Trainee end life: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/hyderabad/trainee-cop-ends-life-913
The family of Sateesh, accused higher official harassment. This is highly suppressed, may be because of Muralinath, in a month 2 deaths due to ranked officer in police. This happened in IV Bn, Mamnoor, where criminal mined person A. Bhoomi Reddy is Addl. Commdt, what else more can we expect.

3) Yadav sends Vivek Dube on indefinite leave
Muralinath’s wife has accused Vivek Dube for SC/ST and harassment. Inspite of arresting Vivek Dube for mis-use (sending orderly to son-in-laws) house, he is only asked to go on indefinite leave. These kind of actions are indicative of those who are in power can do anything and get away easily.

AP Police crime list – Week(3rd August 2009)

Is AP Police system failed -criminals in Kakhi!

This is weeky update of AP Police involvement in crime,  4 cases were reported against AP Police for the week 3rd August 2009.   Should AP Police system be abolished?

AP Police mis-use of 498a
AP Police do NOT follow the law & order
AP Police and Crimes by Khakhi